The App Stores

If you purchase an App and want it in the App stores (Apple and GooglePlay), there are a few things to consider:

1. You'll need to get a developers account for both stores.  Once we finish the App, we'll transfer the App to your Apple and Android account.  The fee as of this writing that Apple charges is $100 annually.  GooglePlay for Android devices is $25 annually.

2. Apple is strict - Apple's App guidelines changes frequently. You'll need to keep up to ensure your App is within their policy.

3.  An update of your App needs to be submitted at least once a year.  There is a $50 update charge.

4. Apple takes 30% for in-App sales. 

5. You'll lose roughly 20% of users because they find it a hassle to go to the App store when presented to do so.

However, we do publish Apps to the Apple store all the time.

If you would like your App in the Apple store, we charge a one-time packaging fee of $499. This is the bare minimum it cost us to package the App and send it to Apple.  There's a lot of backend work involved to package the App for Apple. We do not make 1 cent off this packaging fee. Your monthly fee does NOT change.


One time fee

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