Galveston's Lone Star Rally App

Website -
Apple App - Here
Android App - Here
Location - Galveston, Tx
Event - 4 day annual event
Date Published - 2014

Case Study on Success FACTORS

The Lone Star Rally App that we developed for Galveston is rated the number 1 App in the world for that area.  There’s good reasons for it.  We were the first one to develop an App for that area. “First one in, Wins!”  When you’re the first one to offer the local community a Mobile solution, you grab 100% of the market share.  Even if another Mobile App comes out after yours, it’s too late. 


Studies show users are 87% NOT likely to download another App to replace a current App pertaining to their local area.  Downtowns, Mainstreets, Art Districts, and local shopping area Apps are NOT gaming Apps which means users behave much differently.  In fact, the attrition rate for gaming apps are above 90% after the first 3 days.  Conversely, local area Mobile Apps retain their user base at 84%.

Why?  People love where they live and are loyal to their local area.

Here’s how the Galveston’s Lone Star Rally Mobile App net profited thousands of dollars in only 4 days.  They do this every year over a 4 day period because the Rally only last 4 days.  Revenues has increased every year since the App has been out. We published the App in 2014 and has since been downloaded thousands of times across Apple and Android devices.

NOTE - Most of the data below pertains to Marketers.  A Marketing firm purchased the App and targeted this specific area.  Associations, Downtowns, Nonprofits, etc. that purchases an App normally doesn't charge their members for any service within the App. But the value it creates for your organization and your members can clearly be seen by examining the data below.

So, how is it done?


How did local business perform that purchased services with the App?

  • All businesses profited for their purchased App service.

Promotion of the App

  • Website - Promotional ad to "Download the App" on Homepage.  Also, "Download the App" as a main option in the menu.

  • Social Media sites - Occasional posts to "Download the App".

  • Email List - Permanent reminder on all emails out to "Download the App".

  • In-App promotions - Runs t-shirt giveaways once a month to random users who share the App out.

  • Print - Gives businesses the opportunity to download free tabletop displays of the App to put around their stores.

Push Messages​ 

  • Fee to businesses to push out messages.

Full page ad on front page home screen 

  • Fee to businesses to run a full front homescreen page advertisement.

Sponsor Pages in the App​ or Sponsor the whole App.

  • Fee to add a sponsor to a page within the App

    • Sponsor's the Submit a Picture page

    • Sponsor's a Poll or Survey page

  • Sponsor's the whole App and is listed on the Homescreen.


Events Page​​

  • Fee to be listed in the Events Page

Hot Deal of the Day​

  • Added page within the App.  Fee to businesses.

Banner Ad on the Homescreen

  • Fee to add a banner ad on the homescreen of the App.

Featured Business

  • Add a "Feature Business" icon at the top of the menu.  Doing this gets the business(es) top spot exposure seen first by all users.  X amount to be a featured business.

Vendor or Sponsor page

  • Sponsor page - Dedicated page displaying your sponsors. Each sponsor gets their own full page.  X amount to be a sponsor.

  • Vendor page - Dedicated page for outside businesses to advertise within the App.  These businesses are normally businesses outside of the targeted area.  Each business gets a full page to display their sale, event, or whatever else they want to accomplish. X amount for vendors to be displayed in this area.

Sell Merchandise page

  • (T-shirts, mugs, accessories,  etc) 

$99 VIP Packages pagePartner with local businesses.   Example:

  • - Exclusive access to Devil's Cut Balcony and Dedicated Cash Bar (on a space available basis.)

  • - Exclusive access to the Roof Garden at 2214 Strand with Complimentary Munchies & Dedicated Cash Bar

  • - Commemorative Lone Star Rally T-shirt

  • - Entry Pass to The Pleasure Pier

  • - Entry Pass to Texas Seaport Museum and the Elissa

  • - Entry Pass to The Budweiser Lounge with 1 Comp Beer

  • - 3 Additional Free Drink Tickets - 1 each, Devil's Cut, Roof Garden and Beach Central Park Bars

In summary, there are many ways to monetize the App for marketers.  Equally important, Associations and Nonprofits that gets an App add a tremendous amount of value to their organization plus an increase in brand awareness and revenues for their member businesses.  One of the best ways to connect your App with the local community is through an event.  It can kick start it if you're just starting out and it can also maintain retention for established Apps.