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  • Mobile App - Our top of the line level Mobile App.  Learn more

  • Road-map to success - We’ll layout a pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing road-map for you. It's simple, all you have to do is post the free promotional pictures we give you to your social media sites like Facebook and/or Twitter. Learn More

  • Marketing - For online marketing, you’ll get 7 digital promotional pictures of the App to use on your website, emails, and social media sites. These pictures are specifically designed for your pre-launch marketing campaign. We'll inform you when to send each picture out to build awareness and excitement leading up to the launch date. For offline, you can print any of them out and use as a tabletop display or flyer.  The tabletop photo can be used many times throughout your store; displaying them on tables, counters, and by cash registers. The flyer can be hung on walls or windows.  Learn more and see the pictures.

Plus this:

  • Customize (For purchased Apps only)-  Our Apps lead the industry in our category and is optimized for maximum results.  However, we understand some of you may want to tweak portions of it to better represent your business or organization.  The structure, architecture, and functionality won't change but if you would like to change the aesthetics such as background pictures, color, icons, etc...that can easily be done.  Visit our MarketPlace and have us do it or you can log into the control panel and make changes yourself.

  • Great service - We continually update the App for enhancements, bugs, security, and functionality.  It’s not uncommon for us to introduce new features or pages within the App to increase user engagement. You can also contact us anytime with questions or comments.

  • No additional resources needed to have the App.  

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