Demo App

NOTE -Only 10 demo Apps will be available for the TDA Special offer. First come first serve.

TDA Special Offer Demo App - We'll develop a Demo App and reserve you a slot for the TDA special offer.


What you get:

- A proof of concept Mobile App of your Downtown, community, or area.  

- A saved, reserved spot for our TDA special offer.  We'll save you a reserved spot and will honor the TDA special offer price.  


- You may need to get board approval before committing. Purchasing this option gives you and your Association time to decide what direction to pursue. 


How long do I have before I need to make a decision to take advantage of the TDA Special offer?

- There is a 30 day time limit to be qualified for the TDA special offer.  After the 30th day of presenting your Demo App, the TDA special offer packages will become void.  Our Apps are priced at $2,995 development fee plus $399/month (view it here) if you decide to purchase after the 30 day period.

Demo App

$299.99 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price

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