List a Reward! (Individual Businesses)

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Listing a reward is a great way for your customers to stay loyal. The Rewards page is extremely popular for Mobile users.  In fact, it's the 2nd most viewed page in the App excluding the homescreen and Guide section.

If you don't currently have a rewards program in place within your business, this is a great time to implement one.  It's simple and fast.  Just make one up that makes economical sense and voilà now have a rewards program.  We'll put it on this page and you'll be off and running!

Example of a reward - Buy 10 sub sandwitches and get the 11th one free!


What you get:

- Full page 

- Custom header image of your business.  



How long does my reward program stay up?

It stays up for 30 days.  If you would like your reward program to run indefinitely, click/touch here for our monthly recurring option.  It's month to month and you can cancel anytime. A rewards program is a loyalty program to reward your customers.  Choosing this Reward program option should be meant as a long term incentive solution for you customers.  


How many rewards can I run at the same time?

1 reward page per business is allowed at any given time under the rewards category page.



 If you're ready to add your Reward program now, please type it below in the custom text area.  If not, we'll call or email you and work out the details.  Your 30 days won't start until we place it in the App.

List a Reward! (Individual Businesses)

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