List a Sale! (Individual Businesses)

50% off Sale!  Only $20!


Everyone loves a sale, especially Mobile users!  You can run a weekend sale, a 1 day sale, or a recurring sale that goes on forever.  The possibilities are endless on what type of sale to run.  


What you get:

- Full page description of the sale. 

- 4 call to action buttons. (Call us, find us, website, Facebook)  If you don't have a Facebook page, we'll leave off that icon.

- We automatically remove the sale when it's over, if applicable.



How long will my sale stay up in the App?

The $20 fee keeps your sales page up for 30 days. If you run a sale for a specific time period, for example, 3 days, we'll remove the sale automatically after its over but keep your Sales page up until your 30 days has expired.  Why do we keep your Sales page up when your Sale expires? For potential leads.  If your Sale expires, we'll replace the text on your page with directions to visit your website to discover any other sales.


For convenience, we do offer a recurring monthly if you would like to keep your sale going month to month.  Click/touch here to get the monthly.  You can cancel anytime.


How many sales can I run at the same time?

1 sales page per business. You can run as many sales on that page as you want.  It may be only 1 sale like "20% off men's shoes this weekend only".  It also may be multiple sales on your page like:

Monday is free small drink with the purchase of a combo meal.

Friday - half off all domestics during 5-7pm

Saturday - Free cover until 10pm

List a Sale! (Individual Businesses)

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$20.00Sale Price

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