Add a Sales Page in your App

- 50% off Sale! Only $30!

- List up to 10 businesses. We'll create the page and add them in.

- Run a drawing or contest and give them away to your members. Or give them out as a reward or gift. Either way, you'll have up to 10 individual full page spots under the Sales Page Category.


Everyone loves a sale, especially Mobile users! Add a sales page to your App with up to 10 businesses listed in that page. The sales page is the most popular page in the App. You can run a weekend sale, a 1 day sale, or a recurring sale that goes on forever. The possibilities are endless on what type of sale to run.


The Sales Page is completely hands off for your organization; we directly communicate with each business to add their sales. Once you purchase the Sales Page, let us know which businesses you want in that page and we'll handle the rest.


What you get:

- We'll add up to 10 businesses within the Sales Page category.

- Each business gets a Full page description of the sale. On that page, 4 "call to action" buttons are also added. (Call us, find us, website, Facebook) If you don't have a Facebook page, we'll leave off that icon.

- Each business gets a custom header image of their business. 

- We automatically remove the sale once its over but keep their sales page up until time expires.


How long will my sales page stay up in the App?

The $30 fee keeps your Sales page up for 30 days. Once the 30 days are up, you can either repurchase another 30 days and keep it going or let it expire and we'll take it off the App. For convenience, we do offer a recurring monthly if you would like to keep your sales page going from month to month instead of having to fill another order form out. Click here to opt for a recurring option. You can cancel anytime.


How many sales can businesses run at the same time?

1 sales page per business is allowed under the sales category page. Businesses can run as many sales on that page as you want. It may be only 1 sale like "20% off men's shoes this weekend only". It also may be multiple sales on your page like:

Monday is free small drink with the purchase of a combo meal.

Friday - half off all domestics during 5-7pm

Saturday - Free cover until 10pm


If a business has a sale that ends before the 30 days are up, can they run another one?

Yes but let us explain. Some businesses may run time specific sales. For example, a weekend sale. They may only want to run that sale for Saturday and Sunday. Once that sale is over, we'll remove that specific sale off their page. If they don't have another sale to run, we'll add a general statement to their page and direct the user to visit the store for great sales and deals. If the business wants to add another sale during that month, we'll add it but there is a $10 fee billed to the business. We go over all the specifics with the individual businesses beforehand.


What's my organization responsible for once we purchase a Sales Page to be added in the App?

Not much. Your organization is only responsible for one of two things: Tell us which businesses to add and we'll contact them directly or tell the businesses to contact us. Either way, we work directly with them which allows a complete hands off approach for your organization. No additional time or resources are ever needed when adding this page to your app. We'll take care of the details with the individual business.

Add a Sales Page in your App

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price