Push Notification Bundle Deal

Save huge with bundling 4 push messages for the price of 2.  In this bundle deal, you get 4 push messages at 50% off to use anytime you want.


Purchase a push message to all users who opted-in.  

What is it?  A message that pushes out to the homescreen of users phone whether the phone is locked or not.


Push notifications are arguably the most powerful mobile marketing tool on the market.  It increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the returns you see from your app. Push notifications serve double duty and offer a number of benefits at once.


We also enable you to send custom messages to your customers that entice them to come back into your business. For example, you can send a beautifully designed push notification message in seconds offering people 10% off their dinner within the next hour if things are slow during certain business hours. This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help attract loyal customers back into your establishment. The return on investment here is absolutely staggering for a small business.


But that's not all.  Besides sending put a push message to all users, you also have the option to send a message by using location services.  There are 2 types, Radius and Geo fence.  A Radius push means you can selected a radius on the map and only push a message to users in that radius.  An example of why you may use a Radius push is to attract users outside the area of where your business or organization is located. A Geo Fence push means you can select an area on the map and set your push message to send out when users go inside that specific area.  Both options are powerful and add tremendous value to your business or organization.


Sending out a push message is easy, send us the message, time and if you would like to use one of the two location services options and we'll send it out for you.  It's that simple.

Push Notification Bundle Deal

$199.95 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price