Mobile Services


We're more than just an App company!  We also specialize in other Mobile related services that help you achieve maximum ROI when partnering with us.  Our services directly relates to the Mobile landscape where we stive to be the leader in each vertical.  Check them out and feel free to contact us; we'll be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right one for your business.

The future for retailers, events, stadiums, and your business!


There's no doubt iBeacons are the heavy weight champ when it comes to proximity alert notifications.  No other technology can match its effectiveness.


Imagine customers walking in front of your store and they receive a notification for discounts or sales...from your store!  Imagine them walking in and they receive a coupon for the shoes they just walked past.  It's not imagination, its iBeacons!  We specialize in helping you lay down a roadmap for an iBeacon solution.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what iBeacons can do for your business.  Contact us today and we'll walk you through the details.


In-App Advertising


We've partnered with over 5 thousand companies and App developers to showcase your ad on their Mobile App.  Companies like The New York Times and popular games such as Angry Birds.  Only highly qualified leads will be targeted.  For example, if you sell sporting goods, your ad would be displayed on a popular sports app like "The Score". 

You can also leverage rich media to create dynamic, interactive app experiences that steer users all the way through the purchase funnel -- from awareness to conversion in a single ad unit. Our staff will help you create an ad that matches your objectives.

We provide the following services that can explode your reach and brand:

- Rich Media

- Direct Response

- App Engagements

- Targeted Solutions

Mobile Consulting


We create mobile experiences that deepen customer relationships, monetize engagements, and merge the physical with the digital to help your mobile enterprise grow.


A successful mobile strategy also provides strategic direction. Mobile capabilities must consider audience needs, business case considerations, as well as IT and human resource readiness. Additionally, deciding which existing platforms are relevant and which new tools and technologies might be needed is necessary to deliver an achievable strategy. This helps ensure a development and deployment approach that is based on technical feasibility, customer value and time to market priorities.  We specialize in providing a Mobile roadmap for all types of businesses - from small to large.  Our plans details 6 to 12 months out.  Click/touch here for more details.

Custom Mobile Apps.



We specialize in Downtown Apps or geographical specific location Apps such as a unique shopping area consisting of local businesses.  But we've developed hundreds of other Apps throughout the years and can make a custom App made to your exact requirements.  Working with our experts, we'll ensure your business goals and objectives are met to the highest standards.  Learn More