The homescreen is displayed first to every user. As the Sponsor presenting the App, this means every user will see your business or organizations name. 

Sponsor Name

Sponsoring a Mobile App for your Downtown or Area.  Dominate your Downtown exposure by being the exclusive business everyone sees!


Sponsoring an App is a great way to connect the local community with your Downtown or Area through Mobile without the commitment or headaches of owning the App.  We’ll develop the App for your Downtown or Area and share the features and benefits with you.

It’s easy to be a Sponsor.  Apps can be Sponsored by an Association, one of their member businesses, or any independent business that’s not a member of the Association.  Each of these options are mutually exclusive, meaning there is only one Sponsor of the App at a time.   

Here’s what you get when you become the Sponsor of the App:

  • We’ll brand the App in your organization or business name on the Homescreen. NOTE: The homescreen is the most viewed page in the App due to it being the first page all users see.

    • For Associations that Sponsor the App - The homescreen will name your Association or organization as the sponsor of the App.

    • For individual businesses that Sponsor the App  – The homescreen will name your business as the App Sponsor. View the image above.


  • Plenty of other pages within the App that highlights you as the Sponsor!  Maximizing exposure.

    • "Featured Business or Organization" Page Your business or Organization will be featured at the very top of the menu under the title “Featured Business”.  This give your business maximum exposure when users open the Menu.  You’ll get a full-page business description page describing your business with 4 call to action buttons (Call Us, Find Us, Website, and Facebook/Twitter)

    • The “About Us” page will give details about your organization or business. It will also have 4 "call to action" buttons to promote contact.

    • The "Email Form" pageThe Email Form page is a great way to connect with your existing customers or acquire new ones.   Its purpose is to collect email addresses for future email marketing campaigns.

    • The "Social Media" Page - The Social Media page will list your Social platforms so users can connect with your business or organization.

    • The “Business listings” page.(Organizations only)

      • If you’re an Association or other Organization Sponsoring the App - This page will be displayed towards the top of the Menu for maximum exposure and will be connected with the business listing page on the Organizations website.  If a change is made on the website, it’ll instantly be changed on the App.


  • And even more pages within the App as the Sponsor. 

    • Sales Page -  Learn more

      • The Sales page will be available for businesses to run a sale, deal, or discount for a small fee. However, as the Sponsor, you will not be charged and your sales page will be displayed first at the top of all other businesses. Each business gets a full page to display their sale.

    • Rewards Page - Learn more

      • The Rewards page will be available for businesses to run a Rewards for a small fee. However, as the Sponsor, you will not be charged and your Rewards page will be displayed first at the top of all other businesses. Each business gets a full page to display their Reward.

    • ​​Gallery Page - The first picture in the Photo gallery is reserved of your business or organization.

    • Free Push Messaging - Learn more 

      • If you're an Association or other Organization sponsoring the App - You’re entitled one free push message per week.  This powerful marketing tool allows you to push a message out to all users who opted in to receiving messages.  Announce an upcoming event or promote your members business by rotating each out once a week.  The possibilities are endless on what you want your message to be.

      • If you're an individual business sponsoring the App – You’re also entitled to one free push message per week.  Promote, Advertise, or Market by pushing out a message to all users who opted in to receiving messages.

    • ​​​Front Page (Full Page Homescreen) Ad slot

      • The Homescreen of the App is the first display everyone sees.  Hence, it’s the most viewed page in the App.  It can rotate up to 4 background images.  Each background image displays for about 3 seconds before the next background image is revealed.  Being a Sponsor of the App, you’ll get 1 of those 4 slots to promote whatever you want on the Homescreen.  NOTE:  A maximum of 7 days within the month is allowed for this feature to be used. 


In summary, Sponsoring a Mobile App on behalf of your organization or business is almost maintenance and resource free while achieving the maximum amount of exposure. 

It’s a great way to increase branding, promotional efforts, and revenues without the commitment of owning the App.


 A truly risk free mobile marketing solution that benefits the local community and adds a tremendous amount of value to your business or organization.



How long can I sponsor the App?


As long as you like but at least 3 month minimum.  Cancel anytime.


Can a Sponsor pay for a year, essentially blocking out anyone else who may want to be a Sponsor?


Yes, it's first come first serve.  Plan accordingly.


What will the App look like?  What other pages are in the App besides the pages you listed above?


It's an instant download, no need for users to go to any App stores.  We use the same cutting edge tech the Twitter App uses called a Progressive Mobile App.  It'll look similar to this, go here.


If I need to make changes to the pages I'm assigned as the Sponsor, how do I make those changes?


One of the benefits of being a Sponsor instead of actually owning the App is we take care of everything. There's no need to add resources to maintain or continually update the App. If you need changes made, email us and we'll make the changes for you at an affordable low rate!


What changes will be made by you during my Sponsorship of the App?


We're constantly updating the back-end (code) for security, stability and efficiencies; these changes are not noticeable on the customer facing front-end .  We'll also add or remove Sales or Rewards for businesses in addition to keeping the App fresh with new features, content, and pictures. 


 If I wanted the App in the Apple store or Google Play store, can you make that happen?


Of course, we're App gurus, it's what we do :)  Contact us to discuss.

$99.95 a month

                 plus $1,000 Dev fee

Cancel anytime

Be one of the thousands of small businesses that trust our platform worldwide!


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